TestFlix 2021 - Daniel Knott

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker

Daniel Knott

Senior Product Manager at XING

Atomic Talk Title: Soft Skills for Testers

In this talk, Daniel Knott will share five soft skills every software tester must have. He will talk about the importance of communication, why its helpful to be organised, why testers must adapt to every new project or product and why a sixth sense for testers is essential.


  1. Communication is key
  2. Why an organised workflow will help the tester and the team and how to learn this
  3. Why testers must be adaptable
  4. Why problem solving skills are important


Speaker Bio

Daniel Knott has more than 12 years of experience in professional software development being its web and mobile applications. In 2018, he changed his field of interest and became a senior product manager at XING. 

Before being the product manager for XING publishing, he was responsible for the XING products related to Microsoft including the XING Windows 10 App and the XING Microsoft Outlook Addin. In my last role, before he switched to product management, he worked as a lead mobile test engineer. Besides the technical leadership, he was responsible for mentoring and growing my colleagues (+20) to help them improve their mobile testing skills.

He is still a frequent speaker at Agile/ Testing/ Product Conferences. He is also a freelance author for some software development blogs such as Applause or Testproject.io.

In 2014, he published my book “Hands-On Mobile Testing” which is now available in 2 languages (English and German). Get the full details about the book here: http://www.handsonmobileapptesting.com/

More information about him and his publications can be found here: http://adventuresinqa.com/publications


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