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TestFlix 2021 - Corina Pip

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Corina Pip

Senior Test Automation Engineer at Sage Intacct, Inc.

Atomic Talk Title: It is not automation when…

You think you are doing automation: you create a lot of ‘automated’ tests. But simply having a set of tests does not mean you are doing automation. This talk will highlight a few signs that tell you that even though you think you are doing automation, you are really not.


  1. A few situations that show you how you are not doing automation, and how you can fix this


Speaker Bio

Corina Pip is interested in technical roles, like Tech Lead, Delivery Manager, Engineering Manager. She has vast experience and was involved in many aspects of software development (beyond testing), on various projects, in different setups. She is also familiar with security testing; performance testing; accessibility testing; project architecture; framework design, and architecture.

She is heavily involved in the testing community, by publishing articles on testing or tech on different platforms; creating tutorials and training; speaking at conferences; holding webinars; participating in podcasts. You can see the list of her contributions here: https://imalittletester.com/my-conference-talks/, https://imalittletester.com/.

She has solid experience in using the following:
– She speaks : Maven, Java, Selenium, Appium, RestAssured, JUnit, TestNG, Spring, SQL, HTML, CSS
– VCS: GitHub, SVN
– IDE: IntelliJ
– Defect Tracking systems: Jira, Bugzilla, Rally
– Test tools: Postman, soapUI, Applitools


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