TestFlix 2021 – Claire Moss

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Claire Moss

Senior Software Engineer, Product Manager

Atomic Talk Title: So You Want to Shift Right Over into DevOps?

As a career software tester, I heard rumors DevOps culture would put me out of a job, so I took a job testing for a DevOps team. Although I learned a lot working on integrating orchestration and workitem tracking software, I decided to go even further right to take on DevOps work myself as a site reliability engineer. Going into the new role could have been intimidating, but I made it exciting with my approach to learning. Shifting right over into DevOps gave me a new way to apply my testing skills. If you’re considering this career move, listen to my session and let’s catch up afterward to compare strategies!


  1. Examine your portable skills
  2. Sort through process and role differences
  3. Strategize your approach to new challenges
  4. Apply your testing mindset in support of DevOps


Speaker Bio

DevOps team member managing non-functional requirements for reliability of systems using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Agilist working as part of product development teams to support and accelerate development through fast feedback. I help teams to craft more executable user stories. Product backlog creator and groomer with emphasis on progressive elaboration. Front-end Javascript development in React or Angular, back-end development in Go, Python, or Node. Test automator using Jest, Enzyme, Newman, Protractor, Javascript, Selenium, or Python. Testing teacher, unit and integration test review and advisement, exploratory testing coach. Exploratory tester. Agile coach. ScrumMaster. User experience. Open source. Experience in SRE, programming, coaching, product ownership, project management, and technical writing. Community builder, meetup founder, conference organizer, speaker, workshop facilitator, author, podcaster, livetweeter, and blogger.

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