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Worqference Referral Program

A referral program to substantiate the immense learning of Worqference with real earnings as well.

It’s time to earn while you learn at Worqference. 

Presenting to you, the Worqference Referral Program. 

Enroll in the program to get discounts for the ones you refer and rewards for yourself.


How does it work?

For every referral you do, the person you refer will get a 10% discount over the current ticket price. And you will get 20% of the discounted ticket price as Reward points. These reward points can be converted to a Discount coupon on TTT’s Website or via an amazon voucher as well.

Example: Current ticket price is Rs. 1499/- 

The person you refer gets a discount of ~Rs. 150/-. So he/she gets the ticket at Rs. 1350/-

You get 270 Reward points for this ticket only which can be used as a Discount Coupon on TTT’s Website or Amazon Voucher. Now you can grab as many such referrals as possible to you, there is no upper limit.

The top 3 people on the leaderboard will get special rewards as well. 


I am Interested, how do I go ahead?

If you are interested, ping us on the Chatbox on TTT’s Website (See right bottom Chat Icon) and we will be happy to share your unique Referral code with you.


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How do I know my current performance?

Every Morning at 11 AM we will publish the leaderboard to know the current standings, but yes, you can always reach out to us via Chat on Website, preferably from this same page.


So, it’s time to learn and earn together this Worqference, ping us on the chat icon here >> and we will be happy to give you your unique code.