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WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Marie Drake

Quality Engineering Manager

Workshop Title: Contract Testing with Pact JS – Learn the basics of contract testing and implement it into your projects.


Have you heard of Contract Testing? Are you currently working on a project involving multiple data providers? Do you want to make sure that consumers and data providers can catch broken changes earlier on in your pipeline? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this workshop is for you! In this workshop, I’ll explain what contract testing is, how it’s different from other types of testing, its features and benefits. No workshop is complete without a live demonstration so I’ll also be walking you through how to setup both consumer and provider contract testing using Pact JS with Jest.


  • Problem Statement
  • Issues with unit testing and/or traditional integration testing
  • What is Contract Testing?
  • Features and Benefits of Contract Testing 
  • When not to use Contract Testing?
  • Walkthrough of example Rest API to test
  • Installation and pre-requisites overview
  • How to set up Consumer Contract Testing
  • Introduction to Pact Broker
  • Uploading the contract to the Pact Broker
  • How to setup Provider Contract Testing

Speaker Bio


Marie Drake is an experienced Software Tester focusing on Test Automation and Continuous Testing. She is also a tech blogger where she writes posts about testing and test automation in general at mariedrake.com.

In the past, she has also taken a Principal Lead role where she focuses on creating test strategies, helping various teams with their testing needs and mentoring developers and testers on software testing best approaches. Currently, she is a Quality Engineering Manager at Zoopla.

She also speaks at various meet up groups and conferences to help improve her public speaking and also share her knowledge within the wider testing community.

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