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WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Lalit Bhamare


Workshop Title: Session Based Test Management – Giving structure to your Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing is one of the most important skills testers should have. Despite fully knowing the significance of ET, it is often treated as an after-thought or simply as a type of testing one could do on top of everything else that had to be done. Simply relying on automated checks and testing acceptance criteria does not find us the information that stakeholders can use to make decisions about quality/risk. Often times testers struggle with making Exploratory Testing as a part of their test strategy or let’s say in Agile/DevOps teams they find it hard to fit ET in their testing activities. 

It is crucial to involve exploratory testing as early as possible in SDLC. And it is very much possible to do so.  Session Based Test Management is an approach to manage and structure Exploratory Testing. With SBTM approach testers can better plat ET and also evaluate how their testing efforts are organized. 


  • Steering clear of a mistaken notion of Exploratory Testing 
  • Understanding Session Based Testing and how it is done 
  • SBTM in action with practical examples 
  • Practicing SBT with hands-on exercise (creating charters, performing sessions) 
  • Overview of tools that support SBTM 
  • Review of the student work and feedback (selected few)

Speaker Bio


Lalit is working with XING SE, Germany as Senior Test Engineer. He is the Chief Editor and Co-founder of “Tea-time with Testers” magazine. He is a testing coach and consultant with a specialization in Rapid Software Testing methodology and BBST foundations by AST, USA.

Lalit is also the co-creator of the “State of Testing Survey” project, which is the largest testing survey in the world. He likes helping organizations for onboarding them with Context Driven Testing and provides on-demand consultation around implementing the same at work.

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