WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Kunal Ashar

Senior QA Engineer

Workshop Title: Getting started with Cypress – A quick guide to build your own automation scripts


Automation is one of the challenges which Testers are facing every day and still most of us are unable to build a reliable script and create an environment where we can easily debug and resolve the issue, capture screenshots/videos of the entire flow, control the execution speed, store execution reports, handle flaky cases, and this list goes on and on.

We invest a lot of time to build the perfect framework as per our needs and we still end up scrapping it after a couple of years. So, I started looking for a tool that can take care of all the ad-hoc tasks and I can solely focus on adding test cases to my suite, and soon I stumbled upon Cypress.

Cypress is a tool that helps us to write Unit, Integration, and End to End test cases for UI and API. So it can be used by a Developer or a Tester.

Cypress is bundled with features like

  • Time Travel
  • Debug Capabilities
  • Automation Waiting
  • Spy/Stub API requests
  • Inbuilt screenshot and video capturing capabilities
  • Supporting cross-browser execution
  • Controlling browser resolution and much more 🙂

In this workshop, we will explore some of the Cypress features which are required to write stable automation scripts. We will be using Javascript as our base language and Mocha for writing test cases.


  • Creating test cases to interact with different UI elements and make API calls
  • Configuring Properties and Environment variables
  • Executing scripts on multiple environments
  • Spying/Stubbing XHR requests
  • Externalizing test data using fixtures
  • Integrating execution reports with Cypress Dashboard
  • Running scripts on multiple browsers


Speaker Bio


Kunal is working as Sr. QA Engineer in Xendit, Singapore with 7 years of experience in Automation, majorly in product-based companies. Kunal is an Automation Enthusiast, Specializes in creating and leveraging Automation Frameworks and providing effective solutions to daily automation challenges. Believes in designing and creating sustainable automation frameworks for Continuous Integration using the best of the open-source tools and help businesses with quick feedback.

Kunal has built several Automation frameworks for Web and API Automation, though it be Keyword Driven, Data-Driven, or Hybrid. He has also worked in BDD and TDD over the years. Apart from automation, Kunal loves designing web pages and developing APIs as needed.

Kunal loves training people and has so far trained 100+ Software Testers & Developers on automation, within and outside the organization.

Public speaking through Conferences and Meetups is Kunal’s newfound interest. He writes about testing at mytestingtrail.com. Kunal enjoys reading books, playing Volleyball and Tennis on a regular basis.

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