WorQference - Jonathan Lipps - The Test Tribe

WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Jonathan Lipps

Director, Learning and Education Programs

Workshop Title: Appium 2.0 for Game Testing – Automating Unity Games from the Inside


Automating games for desktop or mobile has long been a challenging task. With Appium 2.0, I’ve developed a new plugin that allows you to hook into AltUnityTester, a popular testing tool that integrates with your Unity-based game or application. In this workshop, we’ll start from scratch with a new Unity game and show how to take advantage of the new Appium plugin to write automated tests for the game using the Appium API you already know!


  • Conceptual intro
  • Building the Unity game
  • Adding AltUnityTester
  • Configuring the Appium Unity plugin
  • Designing and writing the tests
  • Conclusion and next steps

Speaker Bio


Jonathan Lipps is an entrepreneurial software developer by career, with an academic background in philosophy, linguistics, and theology. He is the project lead for the Appium mobile automation platform, and helps the world use Appium more effectively for their mobile test automation through my work as Director, Learning and Education Programs at HeadSpin, taking the world’s best test automation training from concept to reality. When he is not doing those things you can find him writing on the philosophy of technology or making music.

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