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WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speakers


Senior Director QE

Balaji Ponnada

AVP Testing - Client Solutions & New Technologies

Workshop Title: Systematic Product Modelling – Learn to apply techniques and approaches to model any product under test


A complex product and very little time – you are called in to test it. How do you learn the product and structure your exploration to yield deliverables? Are you confident that you have covered every component or interaction? Applicable for any product/service, stand up for scrutiny and impress all.

There are several screens with multiple sections and each section is related to some other section across multiple screens. You are called in to test the product and after a few minutes of exploration, you discover that your mind is exploding with the combinations possible. How do you explore and document in a way that it is not just understandable to you but to every stakeholder? Which approach will help you cover the multiple interactions and also focus on the individual components right up to the field level?

These techniques are recommended for teams looking to strengthen their test design, improve overall system understanding and be ‘test ready’ for every change that is made to the product.


  • Introduction – establish objectives for the session 
  • Kipling’s method around modelling 
  • Three different ways of modelling a product 
  • Product coverage outline 
  • Data Flow Testing 
  • Different layers in modelling a product 
  • Least tapped resources for test idea generation, Exercises 
  • Q&A

Speakers’ Bio


Ajay Balamurugadas, goes by the handle ‘ajay184f’ in the testing community and is continuously re-inventing his testing methodology. He co-founded Weekend Testing – a worldwide movement for skilled testing, authored multiple books available at bit.ly/booksaj and
bit.ly/ajleanpub. His friends associate the terms – ‘Change Agent, Idea Man, Motivational’ to him. He tweets under @ajay184f and loves to have long conversations on software testing and life in general. He is currently working at GSPANN Technologies, Inc. as Senior
Director – QE. When not testing, he spends time with his wife and two children.

Balaji Ponnada, has about 15 years experience in Software testing, a context driven tester and worked extensively at different phases of test cycle – planning to execution & reporting for various clients. Comes with rich pre-sales experience, understanding client pain points and engineering a solution to address pain points, Conducting proof of concepts. Expert consultant in reviewing client processes via stakeholder interviews to address current testing problems and defining future state of testing to meet business objectives. Extensive experience working with K-12 education systems and leading LMS Moodle, Edmodo and Blackboard.

He also heads IoT research center, Responsible for research, Collateral creation and business development into IoT projects, Defining and implementing Test strategies for IoT systems. Research and collaboration into MQTT, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee protocol level testing and implemented devices.

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