Worqference 2023 - Sahil Puri

Worqference 2023 - Sahil Puri

'Worqference 2023' - Esteemed Instructor

Sahil Puri

Engineering Manager - QE , SDET & Release Engg. at Zupee

Workshop Topic:Mocking to the rescue : Automate complex test scenarios for third-party integrations

Have you ever faced the challenge of automating complex scenarios having 3rd party dependency ! Automating tests that involve third-party integrations can become a nightmare.

In the era of micro-service based architecture, your application will surely be connected to third party systems for payment processing, analytics, SMS , social media app integrations etc. This helps your developers to use off the shelf SDK’s without spending time in building these utilities from scratch.

However, this becomes a challenge in test automation given the cost and flakiness of these 3rd party integrations. Let’s use MOCKING to our rescue by handling most of the challenging parts & producing a reliable, stable & faster response of our staging automation suites. In this session, we will design an end to end automation strategy for a third party integration using a free & open source mock server – WIREMOCK. So join the session to understand the design, strategy & code level execution required for mocking 3rd party dependencies and increase the coverage of your automation for these complex scenarios ! 

Takeaways :

1. Understand the challenges faced for automating the test scenarios having 3rd party integrations.
2. Learn the design, approach and strategy behind mocking these dependencies.
3. Code the Mocking using WireMock tool & automate few scenarios using JAVA & REST ASSURED based frameworks.
4. Some tips and tricks to identify the opportunities to use these learnings in your current project !

Speaker Bio

Sahil Puri is a software engineer with around~9.5 years of rich experience in testing and quality engineering. Over the years , he has developed a passion for delivering best user experience & quality . Currently working as an EM (SDET Manager) at Zupee , he is building and leading a team of supercool & passionate engineers while developing the best in class automation infra , CICD pipelines and testing practices. Reading , learning and sharing his experiences with the community is something he loves to do outside work hours.

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