Worqference 2023 - Lavanya Mohan

'Worqference 2023' - Esteemed Instructor

Lavanya Mohan

Lavanya Mohan

Senior Analyst at Neo Financial

Workshop Topic: Designing common Automation Framework for Web & Mobile Apps with WebdriverIO


Many products that we build today are available on different platforms like Android, iOS and web. With frequent product enhancements and new feature releases, having a good set of automated tests can give us quick feedback about how these features work on all these different platforms. Our teams might also find some value in adding end-to-end UI tests that focus on important user journeys.

When we decide to start writing end-to-end UI tests, we might have questions about how to write them for all these different platforms. Do we want to maintain separate test suites for different platforms or can it be the same? How do we share code that is common across all platforms? How can we have consistency in these tests across all platforms? Can we write tests once and then have it executed on all platforms? And so on.

In this workshop, we will answer some of these questions.
We will see how to design a common end-to-end UI test automation framework for Android, iOS and web apps. We will see how to reuse common code and have consistent tests. We will see how to handle differences in platforms effectively.

Main tools and technologies: WebdriverIO, Typescript


  • Designing end-to-end test automation framework to support test execution on different platforms like Android, iOS and Web.
  • Seeing how we can write a test once and have it executed on different platforms after handling any platform specific differences.
  • Understanding ways to run or ignore some tests on specific platforms.
  • Reusing common code across platforms and having consistency in tests.

Speaker Bio


Lavanya is a Quality Analyst with experience in software testing and development. She enjoys testing and cares deeply about shipping quality products.

She likes working with teams that value learning & sharing, has spoken at a few conferences and occasionally blogs at https://lavanyamohan.hashnode.dev/

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