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Worqference 2022 – Testsigma

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Testsigma is a powerful Open Source Test Automation platform that replaces your fragmented test stack. You can set up instantly and rapidly automate tests for Web apps, Mobile apps and APIs.

Say goodbye to a horde of tools, frameworks, and integrations that you might need to use just for an automated and continuous testing workflow. And in return, you get to speed up planning, development, execution, reporting and maintenance of your automated tests.

Testsigma allows you to create air-tight scripts using simple English. Run tests on the cloud across 800+ browsers and 2000+ devices.

With the open-source platform, now, rapidly develop your tests in plain English, on a single, customizable platform that works out of the box.

You can extend your automation actions effortlessly using Addons or build your own using Testsigma SDKs.

Finally , you can shape the open source project with your contributions and weave your way into a community of test automation enthusiasts just like yourself!

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