Worqference 2022 – SahiPro

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With over 15 years in making and having served over 400 global clients, we have realized that helping clients avoid key mistakes in test automation generates far more value in the long run than anything else.

For instance, it’s easy for many teams to lose focus on business use cases when playing with automation test code. Common mistakes are – spending too much time at the automation layer, writing lots of code rather than focusing on the business use-cases in the business layer, creating testing teams which are too heavy on automation engineers while neglecting business testers, not making the test automation code readable to business stakeholders who can verify if the test case is correct.

To address these problems, we developed “Business Driven Testing Automation (BDTA)” framework, which works as a forcing function from inside the platform and prevents customers from making many avoidable mistakes.

Beneath BDTA is Sahi Pro’s robust automation engine which allows testers to automate different layers of the tech stack itself, be it at the Database or API layer or at the GUI layer. Web Browsers, Webservices, Desktop applications, Mobile apps, SAP – everything can be automated by Sahi Pro in one single fashion. Not needing to know different automation technologies keeps automation complexity at its minimum.

Sahi Pro is an Enterprise Grade Test Automation Platform ‍used by 400+ companies worldwide. Read more at sahipro.com.

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