TTTribeCast Webinar by Julio de Lima

TTTribeCast Webinar by Júlio de Lima

TTTribeCast Webinar by Júlio de Lima
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What is the webinar about?

It’s common to hear software testing professionals refer to Rest API testing as simplistic. Often thinking it just involves using tools like Postman to send GET and POST requests to validate the response body or its status code. After all, internal components are activated every time a request reaches a Rest API, such as queues, databases, other services, logs, monitoring systems, and hardware, and software infrastructure, among others. Julio will go beyond these common conceptions and talk about testing for backwards compatibility, validating adherence to the Rest architecture style, evaluating token structure, testing Rest API heuristics, simulating external services, security testing, Rest API coverage, among others.

Key Takeaways:
  • Rest API Testing Importance: Highlight the critical need to test Rest APIs
  • Additional Approaches for Rest API Testing: Explore alternative methods to enhance the thoroughness and effectiveness of Rest API testing
  • Application of Presented Approaches through Demos: Showcase practical implementation of various tools and libraries for effective Rest API testing through video demonstrations.

About the Speaker

Julio de Lima

Julio de Lima

Principal QA Engineer at Capco

Júlio de Lima is a specialist in Software Testing with 14 years of experience. Júlio has a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, a specialization in Teaching in Higher Education and a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computational Engineering with a focus on Testing and Artificial Intelligence. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida. He serves as Principal QA Engineer at Capco, helping financial institutions establish robust and sustainable testing strategies. He uses his coding and architecture skills to contribute to software quality at all system layers. Júlio has contributed to the software testing community through his channels on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and in articles for technical and scientific magazines. He has experience as a speaker at international events and has trained more than 10,000 students through his online training in Portuguese.

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