The Test Tribe 25th Virtual Meetup
27th January |  Saturday | 11:00 AM IST

The Test Tribe 25th Virtual Meetup

The Test Tribe 25th Virtual Meetup
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Date: 27th January 2024

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM IST

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Session #1: Kick-start your API testing journey with Postman

We can set up a Postman collection with 5 Essential HTTP methods in Postman, along with API documentation, which is a set of human-readable descriptions for API setup and API details.

Adding the right assertion to validate HTTP responses in the API tests also allows us to run the test collections from the command line using the Newman CLI.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to create an API test, and they will be able to make appropriate test assertions and generate a dashboard-style summary report.

About the Speaker

Ganesh M Ganesh Manoharan

Ganesh Manoharan

QA Test Engineer at TransUnion

I am working as a test engineer at Transunion with a decade of experience in quality assurance. I have been involved in different areas of testing, like functional, automation, API, and load testing, with the following domain knowledge: Insurance, logistics, health care, and fintech.

Session #2: White box testing of AI models

White box testing of AI models is a comprehensive approach to testing where the internal structure and workings of the model are thoroughly examined, as opposed to just evaluating the output based on given inputs. This method is particularly crucial in the realm of AI and deep learning, where the complexity and opacity of models can often lead to unexpected behaviors or hidden biases. White box testing involves techniques like neuron coverage analysis, which assesses how much of a neural network is activated during testing, and sensitivity analysis, which evaluates the model’s response to slight variations in input. It also includes visualizing internal activations and filters, especially in convolutional neural networks, to understand what features the model is learning and focusing on.

The practice is essential not only for ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of AI models but also for confirming their reliability, fairness, and transparency. By employing white box testing, developers and data scientists can identify and mitigate potential biases in the model, understand and improve the model’s decision-making process, and ensure that the model performs well under a wide range of conditions. This approach is increasingly important as AI systems become more prevalent in critical and everyday applications, where their decisions can have significant impacts. The session on white box testing of AI models will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to effectively scrutinize and enhance their AI models, ensuring they are robust, fair, and aligned with ethical standards.

Key takeaways:

1. Understanding of Internal Model Mechanics: Attendees will gain insights into how AI models, especially deep learning networks, function internally. This includes knowledge of neuron activation, layer functions, and the importance of model interpretability.

2. Skills in Robustness and Reliability Testing: They will learn techniques to assess and improve the robustness and reliability of AI models, such as testing with adversarial examples, sensitivity analysis, and neuron coverage metrics.

3. Awareness of Bias and Fairness in AI: The session will highlight the importance of testing for biases in AI models, ensuring that the models are fair and do not perpetuate or amplify existing biases.

4. Practical Tools and Techniques: Participants will be introduced to practical tools and methodologies for white box testing, such as gradient checking, activation visualization, and debugging tools, which they can apply in their AI development workflows.

About the Speaker

Toni Ramchandani e1705906583148

Toni Ramchandani

Vice President at MSCI Inc.

As a seasoned technocrat with 13 years in the tech landscape, I have carved a niche in the realm of quality assurance and software testing. My expertise is not just limited to one sphere; I’ve honed skills across a spectrum including web, API, mobile, desktop, data, and RPA testing. My tenure has consistently seen me steering teams towards the zenith of software excellence, augmented by my proficiency in cloud technologies, security, performance testing, and DevOps practices.

In the pursuit of technical mastery, I’ve delved deep into the revolutionary fields of AI, ML, IoT, and blockchain, as well as cloud solutions like Databricks and Azure. This ceaseless learning trajectory ensures I am well-versed with the latest technological revolutions and poised to leverage them for innovation and progress.

My leadership ethos revolves around the potent fusion of cutting-edge technologies and progressive methodologies to elevate the software testing paradigm. I am an ardent believer in the transformative impact of AI, blockchain, and IoT, which are reshaping our digital and physical worlds. My goal is to harness these technologies to not only streamline and enhance software quality but also to catalyze organizational growth and efficiency.

Beyond the professional sphere, I am an adventure enthusiast, constantly challenging the limits of mind and body. This passion for pushing boundaries transcends into my professional ethos; maintaining a dynamic balance between a sound body and an agile mind is fundamental to success in all walks of life.

Connecting the dots between innovation, quality, and leadership, I am on a quest to collaborate with visionaries and pioneers who share the ambition to redefine the future of technology. If your organization values a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to future-forward technologies, I am eager to explore synergies and contribute to a shared legacy of success.

Let’s connect and forge new frontiers together.

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