The Test Tribe 24th Virtual Meetup
23rd December |  Saturday | 11:00 AM IST

The Test Tribe 24th Virtual Meetup

The Test Tribe 24th Virtual Meetup
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Date: 23rd December 2023

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM IST

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Session #1: Improving the Performance of your Microservices

Creating a platform using microservices could be more complex, but these microservices are performant and efficiently present a big problem. Most of the communication between microservices implies sending or retrieving information where the size implies an impact in some way on the latency to obtain an answer. Also, some cloud providers include the cost of transferring information across the network.

During this talk, you will see different techniques to minimize the impact of requests that travel across the network.

About the Speaker

sacco andres editado

Andres Sacco

Technical Leader at TravelIX

Andres Sacco has been working as a developer since 2007 in different languages, including Java, PHP, NodeJs, Scala, and Kotlin. His background is mostly in Java and the libraries or frameworks associated with this language. In most of the companies he worked for, he researched new technologies to improve the performance, stability, and quality of the applications of each company.

In 2017 he started to find new ways to optimize the transference of data between applications to reduce the cost of infrastructure. He suggested some actions, some of them applicable in all the manual microservices and others in just a few. All this work concludes with the creation of a series of theoric-practical projects, which are available on the page Recently he published a book on Apress about the last version of Scala. Also, he published a set of theoric-practical projects about uncommon ways of testing like architecture tests and chaos engineering.

He dictated internal courses to different audiences like developers, business analysts, and commercial people. Also, he participates as a Technical Reviewer on the books of the editorials: Manning, Apress, and Packt.

Session #2: Kotlin DSLs and code generation for Selenium tests: Exploring the uncharted territory

Creating maintainable Selenium tests is not a trivial task. In this session, we’ll delve into the language features that Kotlin provides to overcome this challenge.

We’ll start with fundamental concepts like scope, extension, and top-level functions. As we progress, we’ll explore more interesting topics and apply them on various Page Object implementations and compare them to Java counterparts.

Next, we’ll look into the traditional builder pattern in Java and its equivalent in idiomatic Kotlin, known as DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages). Additionally, we’ll touch upon Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP) to increase productivity by letting the compiler generate some of the boilerplate code.

Finally, we’ll touch on IDE integrations, such as templating and syntax highlighting, to further streamline the development process.

Throughout the session, we’ll continuously refine our code by following Kotlin’s best practices. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how Kotlin’s features and tools can be leveraged to write maintainable Selenium tests efficiently.

Key takeaways:

1. With idiomatic Kotlin, one can leverage the creation of maintainable and easy-to-understand Selenium tests
2. Prefer using Kotlin’s DSLs over regular builders to hide implementation details
3. Use KSP to boost coding productivity further

About the Speaker

Attila Fazekas

Attila Fazekas

Senior Test and Verification Engineer (Backend) at Qbtech

Attila is a test automation consultant with over 14 years of experience, currently working in the healthcare industry. He discovered his passion for software testing while working part-time at the university during the final semesters. Throughout his career, he has worked as both a developer and a tester at small and multinational companies in various industries, such as fintech, car navigation, e-commerce, and online booking. Over time, he has learned that test automation is a heavy lifting process that requires a good amount of savviness.

When Kotlin was chosen as the official language for Android, it appeared on his radar, but he didn’t explore it until he encountered its DSL and KSP capabilities. That moment sparked his curiosity to experiment with the language. The allure of Kotlin’s simplicity and elegance quickly created a soft spot in him, leading to the decision never to look back at Java. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time trying out new ideas and approaches on his Selenium pet project written in Kotlin.

An avid explorer of open-source tools, libraries, and emerging technologies, he often finds himself listening to tech talks and podcasts. He loves teaching others to code and helping them grow professionally.

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