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Vaishali Desarda

Vaishali Desarda, Technical Test Lead at Infosys

Topic – So, When should we stop Testing?


Currently, the majority of a Tester’s time is invested in checking whether the Expected behaviour documented in a test case matches the actual behaviour of the application. The Tester gets busy with such repeat work and verification, instead of finding the problems and behaviour that cannot often be captured in a test case. This approach leaves no time to uncover the unknowns, which in turn breaks the product. Such unknowns could be related to the domain, to the circumstances and environments of use, and to physical attributes of the device – to name just a few unknowns that can’t be captured in a Test Case. Unfortunately, users encounter such unknowns and uninstall the app and leave poor ratings. It becomes very difficult to get them back. I will be talking about why Testers should not restrict themselves to just the typical Test cases when Testing, and how Exploration will help avoid unhappy customers.
This will help to highlight the need for Exploratory testing and the value addition to a product and the development team’s productivity. 

Top Takeaways:

  • Testing is much more than matching Expected Results with Actual Results
  • To ensure the highest levels of quality, one should explore”

Speaker Bio

I am Vaishali Desarda. A Tester, Explorer, Foodie and a Veggie! I Deep dive in the rich world of Exploratory testing. When in doubt, I watch Friends.
I share my lessons learned via articles and videos here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/desardavaishali/detail/recent-activity/posts/
Testing never stops but we do ship Quality. Keep Testing!

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