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Tomasz Konieczny

Tomasz Konieczny, Sr. QA Engineer at Ro

Topic – Automated Tests as quality pipeline Data Feed


Automated E2E tests can quickly verify if the most important functionalities work as expected. They can significantly shorten the feedback loop which improves predictability and allows to detect possible problems earlier in the development process. It’s essential if we want to release and deliver business value faster and more frequently.
However, automated tests can be also useful for non-functional purposes. During the presentation, you will see how they can be used as a Data Feed for other elements of the quality pipeline – performance tests and automated security scanners like OWASP ZAP.

Top Takeaways:

  • Reusing automated functional tests in Quality Pipeline:
    – performance tests
    – security tests

Speaker Bio

Senior QA Engineer at Ro. Interested in a wide range of QA related subjects – from test architecture to server setups. DevOps and automation enthusiast. Conference speaker with over 30 talks at international and nationwide events such as SeleniumConf, InfoShare, Teston Moscow, Testing Stage (twice), What The H@ck, Delux, Selenium Camp, DevTalks Reimagined, Serverless Days (Amsterdam and ANZ), Testing United, Devoxx Poland, 4Developers, TestWarez (four times), Warsaw IT Days, TestCamp, TestFest (twice, three talks), ConSelenium (twice), PyCode, Quality Excites, TestDive (twice) and others.

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