Suci Istachotil Jannah

Suci Istachotil Jannah, Head of Test Automation at Moka

Topic – QA Engineer Afterlife: “3 Essentials Things We Should Not Forget After Deployment Cycle”


After deployment, we often just jump to the next deployment planning. We often think that deployment is an end game. And we forget to give a room for shifting the right process that it might have a really good investment and benefit for us and for the company as well. So What’s actually the shifting right process? And What are the items that we can put on the shifting right process?

Top Takeaways:

  • Things that we can expand to the process after deployment
  • Why we need to consider to add the shifting right process

Speaker Bio

Experienced Automation Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry for more than 8 years, building automation framework and automation team. Now, I am also interested to build strong automation community in Indonesia, called ATLAS (Automation Test Learning and Sharing)

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