Smita Kelkar

Smita Kelkar, Quality and Compliance Principal Officer at ‘Mendix CTO’ 

Topic – How to mingle in the mighty IT jungle


The talk is all about the lessons learnt in the 20 year-long hybrid career of a developer and tester and impactful five tips for testers based on experience and shared along with an example. It highlights the key characteristic a tester needs to possess in order to stamp a successful journey.

Top Takeaway:

  • Context-sensitive Intelligence and courage to take the challenges

Speaker Bio

Smita Kelkar, a lean leader serving IT industry for last two decades and the most versatile tester who walked all paths in the software industry such as development, testing, program and release management, quality management, export compliance leaving an impact in each stream and had the courage to take challenges in the professional and personal world! An empathetic people leader embraces challenges and empowers people.DevOps and process automation are her forte having done a lot of work in this area in multiple organizations. Passionate about birding, cooking, writing Smita enjoys family and social life equally. She likes and excels in coaching and mentoring! Recipient of multiple awards including the prestigious VERA award by Rotary International in her career, she equally receives pleasure in serving the country and volunteers for the government of India for Education and Innovation causes like “Smart India Hackathon”. She is placed on the expert panel of MHRD Innovation and honoured as an Icon by her Alma matter. She enjoys innovation opportunities and has been leading Siemens innovation and women empowerment initiatives for many years. Smita has been associated with Testing Fraternity and worked with communities like STeP-IN forum with passion. Living with Giving back, Smita emphasizes in Leading by Example!

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