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Siri Murthy

Siri Murthy, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at MoEngage Inc.

Topic – Persona Based Holistic Testing – A killer way to bring perspective to testing!


This session focuses on an approach to inculcate Holistic testing culture in our testing strategies and the importance of it. We would see the difference in outcome/results with Modular testing approach vs Holistic Testing approach.
Also, how can we achieve Holistic testing with Personas?

Top Takeaways:

  • Approach to Holistic testing

  • Introduction to Personas and how to leverage them in testing!

  • Practical examples of using this technique. 

Speaker Bio

Siri Murthy, a Quality Assurance Engineer at MoEngage. She is a test enthusiast and loves to explore solutions that make testers life simpler. She believes in complex problems having simpler solutions and hence loves it when she is testing the Analytics Products at MoEngage!
She is also a voracious reader and a Neil deGrasse Tyson fan! 

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