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Shmuel Gershon

Test Engineer at Mobileye

Topic – Bugs We May Be Missing


Sometimes we frantically look for things that are right under our nose. In these cases, an old saying in Spanish goes “if it was a snake, it would have bit you by now”.
The phenomenon of being oblivious to subjects we are looking for is common. Sometimes the situation is hilarious, but when it happens with software bugs it is exasperating.
It is also exasperating when you miss discoveries that can change the entire course of human knowledge and science (and it has happened more than once)! Tune to this talk to learn about anecdotes of scientific near-misses that look too absurd to be true.

Top Takeaways:

  • Why it happens that we miss important things.
  • Ways we can try to avoid the problem

Speaker Bio

Shmuel Gershon has experience in testing software – and also in coaching testers and helping friends. He used to be a programmer but discovered that testing is twice the fun. Today he works in Jerusalem for Mobileye’s testing autonomous driving protocols with a team of Super-Heroes.
A frequent presenter at local and International software conferences, Shmuel is convinced that the most significant factor in our quest for quality is people, not features or technology. He writes about software testing at and publishes the open-source “Rapid Reporter”, an exploratory testing note-taking tool

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