Shailesh Gohel

Shailesh Gohel, QA Practice lead at ‘Anblicks’

Topic – Common Mistakes in Performance testing


Performance Testing is one of the critical parts in QA Lifecycle which discovers performance bottleneck of the system before it goes live. If not done the right way, we may get the wrong results and once Product/application will be live the actual problem occurs Hence we shall mimic the actual user behaviour while doing performance testing. With this talk, I tried to showcase the common mistakes we made while doing performance testing and how to overcome this with best practices. Most common mistakes are – Improper think time, Ignoring Infrastructure Monitoring, Not choosing the right load model, Running script with blank database and overloading load injectors.

Top Takeaways:

  • Performance Testing common mistakes.
  • Performance Testing Best Practices.

Speaker Bio

Shailesh is Principal Consultant at Anblicks. With over 12 year of experience he is leading QA vertical at Anblicks. Shailesh has experience working with various areas in QA like Functional Testing, Performance Test design, Implementing Automation and Team management.

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