Sahithi Gundu

Sahithi Gundu, QA Team Lead at DigitalTolk 

Topic – Handling Dynamic Waits in Cypress Automation Tool


  • How can we handle the dynamic waits using Cypress Automation.
  • Implementation of Timeouts until the required element is present with examples.
  • Recommended approach to Avoid hard waits & timeouts.
  • Handling the Dynamic waits using the API validations.
  • Explanation on how should we wait for API XHR calls by storing it in the Aliases.
  • Return the stored aliases for API validation with the wait commands.
  • Ensuring to assert the API with its Response data or Status code.
  • Parallelly understanding the implementation of Cypress framework

Top Takeaways:

  • Automation Testers 
  • QA Aspirants

Speaker Bio

Sahithi Gundu is a QA Team Lead at DigitalTolk. She is an automation enthusiast and currently experimenting on Cypress Automation, API Webservices, Performance testing and End to End Testing. She also authored an e-book “All Around the world with 80 software Testers” (LeanPub). She is a blogger on Cypress Automation and loves to learn new technologies.

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