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Roman Podolyan, Software Testing Contractor

Topic – The Power of No


When testing or planning to test, it is important to think about various Nos and Nots. What we do not do? What we do not know? What others may not know? What data maybe not present or may not come? What may go not as planned? What the tools we get or going to get do not do? What not to do — however contradictory it may sound. Why it is important for testers to think that something is not okay? What else we do not think about could be important? And this does not come without deliberate effort. Grumpy Cat may help.

Top Takeaways:

  • It is important to think about what is NOT present, NOT known, may NOT happen.
  • It is important to think about what we may NOT know or even may NOT think about.

Speaker Bio

I do testing for 12 years in various domains — web, mobile, backend, news, healthcare, finance. I worked on projects for various countries and companies of different size, up to global. I’m glad to share my experience with other testers. Live and learn and teach others.

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