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ramit Kaul

Ramit Kaul, Hands/Hasta at TestAIng.com

Topic – A Message for Everyone


I have shared what I would have liked to hear at different stages of my career. I wish I had a mentor and guide who would have told me to do things precisely and I would have saved myself from all the mistakes. In this talk, I am sharing my experience of various stages of my career so that everyone can take whatever they feel good.

Top Takeaways:

  • This talk is for everyone, I am hoping that we all are smiling after listening to this.

  • Why worry, if you can do something or Why to worry if you can’t?”

Speaker Bio

Ramit is Hands/hasta at TestAIng.com, An AI testing startup and CTO of IndoiAnalytics. Apart from his love for testing, Ramit says that he is a standup artist trapped in the body of a tester. Known for his witty, knowledgeable, and fun-filled sessions, he brings simplicity and articulation for even the most complex subjects, delivering great value to his audience through his talks.

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