TestFlix 2023 - Silver Sponsor QAble

TestFlix 2023 – QAble

Silver Sponsor



QAble started in a small room in 2018 with a clear goal: to make software testing fast and efficient. This focus has guided us from our humble beginnings to where we are today, a team driven by the desire to do things better and quicker.

Today, QAble is a trusted name in software testing. We specialize in manual testing for precision and accuracy. When it comes to automated testing, our deep understanding shines through as we use tools like Selenium and Appium. This knowledge lets us adjust our approach for each project, making sure we are efficient and do quality work. Our journey has been about more than just testing; it shows our belief in doing things the right way. At QAble, we’re not just finding mistakes in software; we’re a partner in building solutions, making sure we deliver applications that are up to the highest standards and ready to serve users effectively.

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