Nina Mučibabić

Nina Mučibabić, QA Engineer at ‘Ministry of Programming’ 

Topic – API Testing in Startups using Postman


I will introduce the audience with the idea what startup is, what is the mindset behind testing in a startup then which techniques and tools can be used in order to gain a full test cases coverage.
The startup world is different from the general corporative world and in startup people need to make a lot of mistakes in order to create the product which will have a purpose, which people will love to use and all of that with a limited amount of money and time. However, in startups, we need to take care of the code excellence, about the bug-free releases and these are the things which can give better positioning in the market in terms of user experience. We need to know also what to test and how to test in startups with all the limited resources but in the smart and hardworking positive atmosphere.

Top Takeaways:

  • Startup Testing Mindset
  • API testing capabilities

Speaker Bio

Nina Mučibabić is a bachelor of computer science and engineering. She graduated from the International University of Sarajevo. She is also QA engineer in company Ministry of Programming where she got the job this summer. Nina’s current workplace, company Ministry of Programming is specialized in startup building and until this moment has built more than 50 startups. Before the current company, Nina studied and worked at the same time and was a junior tester in startup WeOwn and worked as freelance tester too. Also, Nina is the founder of an initiative called ‘Sarajevo QA Crew’ which aim is to create a testing community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That initiative started in August 2018.
Nina organized a few meetups and one webinar with her friends under the ‘Sarajevo QA Crew’ initiative. The first meetup was awarded by EuroSTAR, the biggest testing conference in Europe at the competition TeamSTAR for The best local educational testing event in Europe for the year 2018.
Nina is passionate about software quality assurance, event management and entrepreneurship.

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