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The world is getting increasingly connected. Use cases that are going digital are exploding as more devices get connected and network technology evolves to provide greater bandwidth. As the business and technology complexity of providing the necessary connectivity infrastructure rises, it becomes even harder to “guarantee” a certain Quality of Experience of being connected to customers. At MOZARK, we are passionate about ensuring that the right Digital Experience is delivered to end customers.

Our non-intrusive platform uses cutting edge technologies like video and audio analysis without reference files, ML-driven robotic process automation, and deep packet inspection to measure the performance of Applications, Network, and Devices to provide a holistic view of experience. We work with Application developers, publishers, and testers and offer testing in the form of –

 App Experience: Continuous monitoring of the latencies of app’s key user journeys without any SDK integrations or code changes to the app 

App Functional: Automation testing platform to automate functional testing, which is necessary to support the ever-shortening release cycles.

App Interact: Live, manual testing platform own and 3rd party API calls to identify slow servers, SDKs and optimize client server interactions, tracking memory leaks, unoptimized assets e.g. images, unoptimized battery consumption, and janky frames on your app.


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