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Mike Talks

Mike Talks, Test Manager at Datacom

Topic – Integration Testing – a thought experiment


“Looking through the example of an integrated system with cots products – how do we focus on our testing?

Will look through what integration testing is – usually moving between components, as well as items to look for – such as integration specs to generate ideas.

Also, don’t use your system to test the COTS, it might be easier to stub than using an elaborate failure to generate an error.”

Top Takeaways:

  • Am I testing my companies system or the cots product?
  • How can I make testing easier and focused?

Speaker Bio

Mike Talks is a Wellington-based tester and author of “How To Test”, a book that introduces the day-to-day of testing.

Mike learned his craft doing integration testing for the Harrier aircraft, probably his favourite test rig to date. He invariably found a lot of tests which under the microscope were really component tests. Mike will help you think in more detail how you approach the use of COTS products in testing.

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