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Michelle Chua

Michelle Chua, CEO & President of QE 360

Topic – How Can Usability Testing Help The Economy During This Pandemic?


“Michelle Chua Lagare will be discussing “How Can Usability Testing Help Our Economy?”

Statistics show that we are all being impacted by the pandemic, workers, business owners, and informal sectors alike. Significant job loss everywhere, but what can we do to help our economy?

In this talk, Mitch will be sharing about Usability Testing, and how it is different from User Acceptance Testing. She will also talk about how anyone can earn from Usability Testing, proving anyone can do it in simple steps. She will be sharing tips to make your usability testing better and efficient, as well as a list of sites that prove that companies pay for you to try their applications and get your feedback. Aside from this, she will be sharing the minimal requirements for you to start your career in UT.

Mitch is aware that non-IT individuals think that any IT career requires technical skills as well as an IT-related course, but in this talk, she will prove that wrong.

Usability Testing is both for those with and without testing experience. And it doesn’t only help by providing a paying job during this pandemic, but it also a good starting point for your career in Quality. And for those with experience in quality, this can be a specialization under their tool belt. I encourage everyone to share this video and subscribe to our website to get our free ebook on Usability Testing as well as other free resources. Let us all help each other, help our economy.”

Top Takeaways:

  • Everyone can earn from Usability Testing
  • Existing QAs can become a Usability Testing Specialists

Speaker Bio

Michelle Lagare is the President of QE 360. They help companies deliver high quality applications, in a more efficient and fast manner, while reducing testing cost. They help banks and fintech companies improve the software quality, make their testing practices more efficient which can result in at least 46% savings in annual testing cost on salaries alone while making fresh grads or newbies in testing deliver like a Sr. QA.

Michelle is also a Test Community Builder and an international speaker.

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