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Mariia Hutsuk, Quality Engineering Manager at Zattoo

Topic – Positive Thinking in Quality Assurance


“Critical thinking is an essential part of quality control. It is an activity to measure the quality level system. Quality control does not have a direct impact on improving quality.
As soon as you want to switch from finding bugs to preventing them, you need to change the mindset to switch to quality assurance. For that, you would need positive thinking and energy to lead the change. During this talk, I am going to share the 3 principles of using positive thinking in quality assurance.”

Top Takeaways:

  • You need positive energy inside and in your language to lead an improvement.
  • Be kind to yourself and people around. Do tiny steps while improving.

Speaker Bio

Mariia is a passionate Quality Engineering manager, specialising in functional and line management with 8+ years in the IT field.

In recent years Mariia has focused on test management and leading the team. She is experienced with building QA teams, test processes and starting test automation from scratch.

Mariia is well-versed in full-stack testing on numerous platforms (Web, mobile, desktop, Chrome cast, big-screen applications) and defining effective test strategies on projects with complex business logic in the numerous software sectors (telecommunication, online shopping, risk management, online travel booking, Tax Service).

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