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Lina Zubyte, QA Manager at Doodle AG

Topic – The best secret must-know practice


There are so many “best practices” in testing. Shift left, continuous delivery, TDD, context-driven testing… Also, there are so many experts telling you what is best and advisable. It can feel overwhelming at times, and you may question your work ways.

In this talk, I will share my learnings on what I think is the best practice I learned, and how I realized it. Doing that, I will also touch on concepts of modern testing, collaboration with other team members, and ceremonies like story kick-offs.

Top Takeaways:

  • Audience will be inspired to look into their strengths
  • They will learn from a personal journey on how to be a better collaborator even in modern testing times

Speaker Bio

Lina Zubyte is a passionate Quality Advocate who loves to ask questions, test, collaborate with diverse departments, and investigate issues. Lina has worked in companies of different sizes (large multinational companies and startups), moved between countries for work, and has had to adapt quickly to get out of her comfort zone. She shares her writings on all things quality at https://qualitybits.tech, and you can find her on twitter as @buggylina.

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