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Lavanya Mohan

Lavanya Mohan, QA Engineer at Grab

Topic – Quality is a Team Responsibility


Sometimes we get asked questions like “Why was this not found by the tester?”. Questions like these are not healthy for a team and they often cause the core underlying problems to be overlooked.

With the help of a fictional story, in this talk, I would like to convey some points to think about in order to achieve good product quality. It will also help us identify some problem areas that we might be facing on our teams. I would also like to convey why quality is the collective responsibility of the entire team.

Top Takeaways:

  • Understand some of the many different areas to focus on when we look to build quality products
  • Understand the benefits when the entire team is responsible for the quality

Speaker Bio

Lavanya is a Software Engineer with over 8 years experience in the field of IT which includes software testing and software development. She cares deeply about shipping quality products and enjoys working with teams that value learning & sharing, the culture of feedback, etc.

She occasionally writes blogs at https://bitweft.com/

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