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Lalitkumar Bhamare, Co-Founder of ‘Tea Time with Testers’

Topic – Quality-conscious Software Delivery


Fast-changing software world demands us to deliver a quality product in the shortest possible time. Sure there is no miracle that will make it work just like that. Lalit performed experiments for some years and have finally found a solution, a methodology and framework what he calls as “Quality-Conscious Software Delivery”. QCSD has helped his project team deliver software faster with superior quality. Know from him in this talk story of this discovery.

Top Takeaways:

  • The audience will understand different notions of quality and how they matter.
  • Understanding how to utilise that awareness to study the project context much better and then to implement a Quality Conscious Software Delivery framework for success.

Speaker Bio

Lalit is Chief Editor & Co-founder at Tea-time with Testers magazine. He is a passionate tester at XING, Germany. Director at Association for Software Testing, USA.
International Keynote speaker. Testing/Quality Coach and also the co-creator of well known The State of Testing survey. 

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