Kunal Ashar

Kunal Ashar, Sr. QA Engineer in Works Applications

Topic – Importance of Wrapper Layer


There are many key components that one needs to remember while designing a good automation framework. The Wrapper Layer is one of the important components that we need to consider while designing our framework.

The wrapper layer is responsible for directly interacting with the imported library and incorporating our project-specific customization on top of it to make it fit for the use. It acts as an abstraction layer that caters to all the project-specific requirements.

The benefits of using Wrapper Layer are:
* Low on Maintenance.
* Increases Code Reusability.
* Reduces lines of code.
* Single Point Change (SPC principle) to incorporate code changes.

Top Takeaways:

  • Only wrapper layer should interact with the imported library and all page class should call methods from wrapper layer.
  • Always follow SPC principle – Single Point Change.

Speaker Bio

Believes in designing and creating sustainable automation frameworks for Continuous Integration using the best of the open-source tools and delivering quick execution reports. Over the years, Kunal have helped many engineers within and outside organizations to learn and implement best automation practices.

Kunal writes about testing at https://www.mytestingtrail.com and enjoys reading books and playing Volleyball and Tennis on a regular basis.

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