Karthik Sundararaman

Karthik Sundararaman, Assistant Manager at ‘Johnson’s controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning India ltd’

Topic – de Bono’s Thinking Hat Method for Risk Assessment


This talk is about how can one use de Bono’s Thinking Hat method to do a risk assessment.
de Bono’s method is a popular ‘Problem Solving’ technique based on “Parallel Thinking” approach where the group wears similar “Hats” while discussing or brainstorming to avoid confrontation and to come to a conclusion.

Using this approach, testers can wear the “hats” of different stakeholders to come up with different risks that may occur, thereby weigh the risks and make informed testing decisions. 

Top Takeaways:

  • Risk can mean different things to different stakeholders
  • Use de Bono’s Parallel Thinking method to assess risk, weigh them and decide on how much testing would be needed.

Speaker Bio

A tester who strives to create environments where better testing can be done and an environment where people can thrive to perform at their very best.

Have worked with production companies from the start of my career. Been part of MNCs, Startups and have met few amazing people during this journey for which I am very thankful.

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