Karlo 1

Karlo Smid, Founder & CEO Tentamen

Topic – The Rule Of Three


What is the rule of three? Why not rule of one, two, or four? Why tree does work? How often does it work? I ask myself those questions because I am a software tester. In the talk, we first explain what is working short brain memory and is this model a reason that we have a rule of three. How other disciplines are using a rule of three. I will provide examples from software development to military tactics. In the I will apply the rule of three on software testing bug to identify the root cause of not working screen on Samsung SmartWatch.

Top Takeaways:

  • How to apply The rule of three.
  • Rule of three in other disciplines.

Speaker Bio

Improving Software Tester From Zagreb, Croatia, owner of Tentamen. The organizer of Testival meetups and Testival software testing community. Regular blogger. Elixir and Phoenix developer, a believer that Elixir will shake the world of web development. In free time reads SF and fantasy books and practices stand up comedy.

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