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Karim Elkhasab

Karim ElKhashab, QC Manager at ‘Pixelogic Media’ 

Topic – Quality Assistance vs Quality Assurance


Shedding some light on a different perspective for QA. A quick introduction to Spotify’s Model for QA (Quality Assistance) versus the traditional (Quality Assurance) model and a reflection on the modern tester skills required in 2020. Focusing on the testers growth mindset shift required with demonstrative common use cases Agile QA teams face nowadays along with possible solutions to them and how to stay relevant and current to the new evolving market needs and demands.

Top Takeaways:

  • Introduction to Spotify’s Quality Assistance model and how it reflects on the way testers shall adapt to the ever-changing technological advancement in 2020
  • Several use cases for common problems that agile teams face nowadays that requires Quality Assistance from SDETs, QA Engineers and/or testers

Speaker Bio

An experienced Staff Software Development Engineer in Test with 15+ years of experience in the field of Software Testing and Development with various roles played. I’m passionate about forming and growing QA teams, requirements/business analysis and researching trending topics in the software testing and QA field.

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