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Jokin Aspiazu Jensen, Fellow Tester at Voicemod

Topic – Testing Voicemod: Writing Selenium tests for a CEF App


I´m explaining how we are building out automated test suite using python and selenium against a CEF client app like Voicemod.
I´m telling the process of discovery we followed, the tools we tried and didn’t work, and the way we found to get our tests running.

Top Takeaways:

  • It´s okay if you don´t know something, as long as you are willing to learn it.
  • You won´t get it right the first time, but you have to learn by doing.

Speaker Bio

Jokin has been in Testing for the last 10 years, from Windows apps to fintech, to gaming software.
Learning and sharing along the way, testing software does not look like a job.
He lives in Valencia, Spain, and when he is not testing software he loves to take care of his family or going for a motorcycle ride.

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