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James Espie, Senior Quality Specialist at UneeQ

Topic – Building a professional network


This talk will cover why building a professional network is important.
It will cover how a good network is the best way to make your next career move, and why you can’t leave it too late.
It will include some tips for building that network, and conclude by adding that a network is not just a job-finding tool – it creates a network of peers that you can use for support in the future.

Top Takeaways:

  • Looking for a job is too late to build your network, you need to start networking now
  • A good network is not just about finding jobs – it’s a way to get help when you need it, and it is a great way to find peers and friends who you can relate to

Speaker Bio

James is a software tester, currently helping to build world-class Digital Humans at UneeQ.
He’s a big believer in making life better for everyone – by building helpful, easy-to-use software; by helping other testers get better at their craft; or by taking his friends to the pub.
When he’s not doing the above, you can find him drawing pictures, running around in the forest, or playing video games with his wife and son.

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