Igor Samokysh

Igor Samokys , Founder of AirDoro 

Topic – How to be more productive


Constant learning, evolving, and adopting is a key skill to flourishing in the IT-business. Every single day new features are released, new tools are developed and even new programming languages are created. We are under constant pressure of terabytes of new information we need to process and learn in order to stay on top of our daily work.
By the example of my own preparation for two ISTQB Advanced level exams, I will explain what techniques helped me to be more productive in learning and at work as a test analyst. Will share my approach to how I fight procrastination and make things done. Also will tell a few very powerful learning technique like memory palace, spaced repetition, and meaningful association and how they can be used to boost your memory.

Top Takeaways:

  • How to avoid procrastination.
  • How to memorize learning materials better

Speaker Bio

Energetic and talented IT specialist and startup founder. 10 years in the IT industry as startup CEO, test automation analyst, developer, teacher, speaker, product owner, marketing and research specialist. Love to share knowledge, talk to people, help people and learn something new every day

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