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Gaurav Mahajan

Gaurav Mahajan, Head of QA Automation at Contentserv

Topic – Emotional Intelligence @ software testing


“Testers essentially are people who like to disrupt and break things so as to find out the true quality of a product. They have the inherent need to question things, are persistent in their questioning, and at the same time are also pessimists by nature. Their basic mindset is that unless they criticize, the quality of the product will not be improved.
 A lot of times, it is upon the shoulders of testers to inform about build failures and to inform if the code is not written per the best standards
On the other hand, when an already overloaded testing team is told that it’s time or resource size is being halved – it leads to further frustration and creates an atmosphere of animosity.
Emotional Intelligence is a key skill which allows testers to come across as enterprising and solution-oriented and saves them from a sticky situation, So in these difficult situations, it is necessary for a tester to have good EQ, that helps him/her to handle such crises calmly and in a best possible way.”

Top Takeaways:

  • What are the different models of EQ?

  • How to raise your EQ for long term success?

Speaker Bio

Gaurav Mahajan who is part of Contentserv India as Head of QA-Automation is a compulsive advocate of Quality Engineering and is an Automation evangelist, He has been working with product-based startups in the past and have been instrumental in setting up the overall quality and automation of web and mobile-based software products. Agile implementation along with Automation and DevOps is one of the key areas of his interest, As per his thumb rule “anything” which is predictable, mundane and repetitive should be automated and only tasks which require cognitive intelligence should be dealt by humans.

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