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Faiz Modi

Faiz Modi, Senior Software Engineer at Mobikode Software

Topic – Qualities of a Good TESTER


When we try to find the qualities of a good tester, we feel like it is something very difficult. And I believe that as a tester if a person has certain qualities or work on certain qualities then they can become a good tester or better tester than before. So if we look closely on the word “TESTER” itself, then also we can find the qualities which can help to become a good tester. So I have tried to use the word TESTER as an acronym of the qualities of a good tester e.g. critical thinking etc and under 8 mins I have tried to explain why those qualities can help to become a good tester.

Top Takeaways:

  • The qualities to become a good tester and how they can be easily remembered with the word TESTER.

  • Importance of being a Self-Motivated Tester.

Speaker Bio

I am a tester having 6+ years of experience in web and mobile applications testing. I am possessing different skillsets for different testing aspects along with some tools knowledge as well which helps me to test better. I consider myself a student of testing who still needs to learn lots of things and I like to share my experience/knowledge with people from the testing community whenever and wherever possible for me.

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