Erika Jones Chestnut

Erika Chestnut, Head of Quality Assurance at Calendly

Topic – Manual Testing is Not Dead: Just the Definition


The rise of test automation has reduced the manual testers footprint significantly. We have more and more AI and ML tools that are taking on things like visual regression and providing smart test automation. Companies are hiring SDETs at an increasing rate while reducing their manual test roles with the hopes that a high amount of test automation will result in a higher quality product. So where does that leave manual testing? Join Erika as she showcases the value of manual testing as a non-negotiable partner alongside a robust test automation strategy. Reconnect with thought based testing to infuse quality earlier in the delivery life cycle. Learn how manual testers can bring quality to the forefront of the conversation and help drive not only automation delivery but the overall quality of what is automated. Discover how to change the narrative and re-define manual testing in a way that empowers testers and helps to build quality teams that can deliver a well-rounded test program.

Top Takeaways:

  • Learn to 3R’s to Resurrect, Reclaim and Redefine manual testing

  • Learn how to shift from the vicious cycle to the beautiful cycle of quality excellence

Speaker Bio

For 20 years Erika Chestnut has been immersed in the world of Technology and Quality. She started her career as a developer and gained a deep understanding of business processes, SDLC, and the role quality played in achieving business goals. She is an empathetic servant leader who derives deep satisfaction from nurturing teams and individuals within organizations and has a passion for people which enables her to deftly lead and mentor quality assurance teams with a keen focus on excellence across product, process, and performance. Erika excels at creating quality strategies and ensuring that quality is both supporting and supported at every step of the SDLC.

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