TestFlix 2023 - Platinum Sponsor Element34

TestFlix 2023 – Element34

Platinum Sponsor


Element34 SBOX is the most advanced behind-the-firewall enterprise testing grid. Supporting testing frameworks like Selenium, Appium and Playwright, SBOX is easy to deploy, and is designed to keep your data secure right within the infrastructure of your choice.


  • Security – Runs inside your firewall. No data goes out and no external access is needed, making it more secure than any SaaS alternative.
  • Compliance – Facilitates live data testing behind the firewall, solving data privacy compliance issues.
  • Scalability – Built for scale and grows with your needs, without having to engage vendors to increase service levels.
  • Performance – Reduces latency as data moves faster within a network than over the internet. Ideal for large test volumes and frequency. The use of live data improves the accuracy of tests.
  • Cost-effective – Licensing model focused on concurrency, not per-potential-usage charges that are typical with SaaS providers. Using real data means no costs for creating dummy or synthetic data services.

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