Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham, Software Testing Consultant

Topic – The Art of Asking “Stupid” Questions


Is it stupid to ask what might seem like a “stupid” question? In the context I describe in this talk, it is not only wise but important to do. Testers are question-askers, and the art of asking “stupid” questions is an under-rated but useful skill. If you don’t understand something or see a problem, asking a question is the best way to communicate your concern. If no one asks, then misunderstandings, ambiguities and errors are preserved, and a disaster which could be prevented is now more likely. But ask in the right way, with respect and kindness.

Top Takeaways:

  • know when asking a “stupid” question is very wise
  • understand how best to communicate your concern(s)

Speaker Bio

Dorothy Graham has worked as an independent consultant and trainer in software testing and test automation for 50 years, and is co-author of 5 books: Software Inspection, Software Test Automation, Foundations of Software Testing, Experiences of Test Automation and A Journey Through Test Automation Patterns (see She has been a popular and entertaining speaker at hundreds of conferences and events over the years.
Dot has been on the boards of conferences and publications in software testing, including programme chair for EuroStar (twice). She was a founder member of the ISEB Software Testing Board and helped develop the first ISTQB Foundation Syllabus.
She was awarded the European Excellence Award in Software Testing in 1999 and the first ISTQB Excellence Award in 2012. Now retired, she enjoys singing in choirs and small groups.

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