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TestFlix 2024 – Call for Papers

Thank you for your interest in submitting the Atomic Talk to TestFlix 2024 and being in the company of fine-picked global Speakers.

Why talk at TestFlix?
Top Three Reasons:

  • Help thousands get better at their work and make an impact
  • Reach to thousands of people (Last year’s TestFlix saw 15000 registrations)
  • Opportunity to be amongst the global Testing Experts

‘Call for Papers’ would have two phases. This is to ensure we make it easy and less time-consuming for you all to submit.

Quick Summary: We are taking abstract with a short video in Phase I and, if selected, taking the final Atomic Talk Video in Phase II. 

Let’s deep dive.

Phase I

  1. Select Theme, Topic to speak on, things to cover within that topic, and key takeaways. (Pro Tip: Avoid past year’s duplicate by checking the topics covered in the last edition here. Duplicates will have least chance to qualify.)
  2. Record a quick 1-minute video with the Talk title, talk inclusions, importance of the topic, and the takeaways for the audience. Phone recording (vertically/horizontally shot) will do. 
  3. Now that you have all the needed info, submit this form by July 5, 2024.


Refer this Sample Abstract Content for better understanding


Themes for TestFlix 2024:

  • We are keeping the below Themes for TestFlix 2024, out of which you need to select one for your Talk. They are as below:
    • Web 3.0 (Metaverse, Crypto, Blockchain, etc.)
    • DevOps (CT, CI, CD, Execution Strategy)and Agile
    • Testing Skills & Mindset
    • Automation (Web, Mobile, Desktop, API, Visual, etc.)
    • AI ML (Testing AI ML, AI ML in Testing)
    • Systems Thinking (Design, Architecture, etc.)
    • Security & Performance
    • Accessibility, Usability, Internationalisation 
    • IoT, Phygital (AR-VR, Smart TV, Medical Devices, etc.)
    • API, Microservices, Contracts
    • Leadership & Management
    • Career Paths within and beyond Testing
    • Customer Data Platform (ETL/DWH, Database, Big Data, Data Management, etc.)
    • Generative AI
    • Testing Enterprise Solutions


Phase II

  1. Qualified talks from Phase I, will be notified via email by 6th August
  2. Review the complete guidelines for recording the final Atomic Talk Video here
  3. Record your final Atomic Talk Video of min 5 – max 15 minutes as per the abstract submitted in Phase I.
  4. Submit the final Atomic Talk Video following the instructions and before the deadline. It would be mentioned in the same qualification email.

Note: Please note that the CFP for TestFlix works differently as it is a pre-recorded Talks conference. For any questions, please reach us at [email protected] or via chat button on your screen (right bottom).

Complete Guidelines for Phase II Submission

Important parameters for the phase II Talk submission:

  • Recorded Talk of 5 -15 minutes (strictly).
  • Has to be Non-Promotional and Original
  • Horizontally shot
  • Speaker Video ON
  • Screen Sharing ON
  • Should not have any copyrighted music/audio during the presentation
  • The submitted talk should be original and not presented/submitted anywhere before in a similar format.
  • You can submit your final talk here by 5th September 2024.
  • If you are a new speaker and need assistance, feel free to contact us at contact[at]thetesttribe.com


Recording Guidelines for final Talk:

  • Content Format: We recommend recording your talk along with the presentation that conveys at least the highlights while you speak.
  • Please be informed that the Conference Review Committee will also be doing a thorough review of the final talk. Hence, the final Talk video must adhere well to the submitted abstract and maintain the quality benchmark.
  • It is mandatory to turn on the Speaker video while recording.
  • Video Specifications: The duration of the video should be between 5-15 Minutes(max).
  • Record your video in high-definition video (1920 x 1080); 16:9 Aspect ratio in landscape mode.
  • Accepted Video formats – MP4, MOV, MPEG 
  • Recording: You can use Zoom or any other similar software if you are recording the talk along with a presentation.
  • If you are recording with a camera/ cell phone, keep it still using a stand preferably, or with some support. Set your camera/cell phone to record the video horizontally approximately until chest level.
  • We strongly recommend using Zoom to have uniformity of videos across the speakers. 
  • Speak with adequate volume and speak clearly. Maintain eye contact with the camera.
  • Overhead lighting may be a good option if available, do not sit with your back to a light source. Record a few test videos if needed to ensure adequate lighting. 
  • If you are going to share your screen, check to see what tabs you have open and close your email and other tools that may send ‘notifications’ as you record.
  • Natural Bagckground recommended. Please don’t use virtual background. Avoid recording in public.
  • Pick the right time window which will give you no or minimum disturbance/noise.
  • Do not add any background music unless necessary.


Few Tips to Structure your talk well:

  • Select a topic for the video presentation
  • List down three key points you want to convey to the audience
  • For the finalised topic, create talking points, a script, and/or slides
  • During the opening, you want to clearly present your topic and the purpose of your presentation. Clearly articulating the topic and purpose will help the listeners focus on and easily follow your main ideas.
  • During the conclusion of your presentation, reinforce the main ideas you communicated.

Any questions? Need help? Fill out this form & we will get back.