Babatunde Oduniyi

Babatunde Oduniyi, Test Engineer at Hero

Topic – F*A*I*L (First Attempt In Learning – The story of a nervous tester to the curious tester)


As testers, we have to face complex problems regularly which are challenging, I strongly believe a key strength of a tester is the ability to stay amongst the confusion and the strength of character to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The answers I found were mainly by studying cognition, psychology & philosophy.

The purpose of this talk to sharing my story as to how my perception of difficult challenges and cultivating a curious mind can help change the perception of difficulty to curiosity.”

Top Takeaways:

  • Always be curious

  • How you can overcome the fear of failure

Speaker Bio

I have been a Software Tester for 8 years and I have worked on mainly e-commerce applications in the retail industry.

I currently work with a company called Hero and I have previously worked with Sainsbury’s, Ted Baker, YOOX Net-A-Porter.

I love football, basketball, technology. In my spare time, I love reading books on psychology & philosophy. 

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