TestFlix 2023 - Platinum Sponsor Avo Automation

TestFlix 2023 – Avo Automation

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Avo Automation, the industry leader in test automation is on a mission to transform enterprises and adopt a “Continuous Quality Assurance” approach. Avo Assure’s AI-driven, no-code platform excels at delivering end-to-end test automation across business-critical processes, covering 200+ technologies. Our intelligent test data management platform (iTDM) enables teams to improve quality, conduct efficient data checks, and reduce time to market. Additionally, our intuitive and next-gen platform capabilities allow users from all backgrounds to actively test applications at every stage. This further helps to improve cross-functional collaboration across teams and achieve 4x productivity towards your Continuous Quality Assurance journey. With the power of AI and our platform’s simplicity, we enable our customers to experience the future of test automation, consequently helping them reach the state of digital immunity.


We welcome all of the QA, Test Automation, and DevOps enthusiasts to be a part of our flagship community initiative. For more information and to get complimentary access to our program, visit: https://go.avoautomation.ai/avo-foundation-league

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